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Re: A Midsummer's Mac Death Match, Round Two: Enderle vs. Chaffin
Posted by: Robyn Weisman 2004-07-13 08:02:46
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In Round One of MacNewsWorld's Midsummer Mac Death Match , Mac Observer editor-in-chief Bryan Chaffin and industry analyst Rob Enderle prognosticated on the state of Apple five years from now. Chaffin foretold a world in which Apple free the people from the tyranny of "My Computer" to the pursuit of "My Digital Life," while Enderle posited that the Mac OS would survive only if Linux somehow were to be exterminated by the forces of SCO and other mutants from the dark side -- a scenario about as likely as ridding New York city of its summertime stench, with its essence of urine and trash, unless HP invites Apple out for a game of Beach-Blanket Bingo .

Re: A Midsummer's Mac Death Match, Round Two: Enderle vs. Chaffin
Posted by: remoorejr 2004-07-13 19:44:40 In reply to: Robyn Weisman
Where will Apple be in 5 years ?? ... an awful lot has to do with Apple's marketing dept. The Ipod can't carry this company. It's actually amazing that right now .. with Windows as broken as it is, that Apple's marketing group doesn't even try to push the superiority of it's Unix based OS for the enterprise. The only logical explanation is that MS has paid Apple some serious money to keep the lid on it's clearly superior OS.
I love Apple's hardware and software technology direction but without a clear marketing message and a channel to move the products into the enterprise it's doomed to play in the minor leagues.
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