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Re: A Midsummer's Mac Death Match, Round One: Enderle vs. Chaffin
Posted by: Robyn Weisman 2004-07-12 08:14:41
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It's now midsummer, the peak time for barbecues, fireworks, booty calls, beach reading -- and red-hot Apple debate. Yes, MacNewsWorld is bringing you a new three-part installment of our famed Mac Death Match series, in which two so-called industry experts on ridiculously opposite sides of the Mac debate battle each other on our Web site. So take your laptop to the beach, rub some suntan lotion on your honey and read on as each of these two combatants try to grill the other to a crisp. Just make sure you have plenty of beer, or a fire extinguisher, handy.

Not Far Enough
Posted by: doingdifferen 2004-07-12 10:22:04 In reply to: Robyn Weisman
I think your read on DV is, if anything, too limited. Think Quicktime. Now think Quicktime on everything from 3G phones to movie theatre sized screens. Apple doesn't want to just make you buy some clunky overpriced PC to stick in your living room so that you can record 60 hours of 'I Love Lucy' reruns. Apple want to own the whole food chain. From production to consumption. And the thing that's going to help them do it is Quicktime. I think the real value of iTMS is that its getting Quicktime on every PC out there.
As for Macs, to quote Deep Throat, "Follow the money." An Apple source once said that owning one niche at a time can sooner or later lead to a big chunk of market share (or words to that effect). Apple's strategy is to target one profitable niche at a time where they can make a compelling story that highlights their strengths. FCP is an excellent example. So are the xserve, xraid and xsan products. Breaking into the enterprise will take time but Apple's approach is right on. Offer a limited number of high quality, inexpensive products, get the IT guys comfortable with you, and then expand. Content creators and their IT support will pay money for quality products because it makes them money. Wasn't that the promise of IT to begin with?
As for RE, well you just keep pluggin away there Rob.

Re: A Midsummer's Mac Death Match, Round One: Enderle vs. Chaffin
Posted by: MiddleEarth 2004-07-12 08:38:46 In reply to: Robyn Weisman
Apple has never been in the low margin PC hardware business and at its birth the entire PC hardware business was high margin. When a debater has a premise as blantantly false as "Apple in 2009 will have almost completely decoupled itself from the low-margin PC hardware that fueled its birth" it follows that subsequent points the debater makes will also be erroneous.
This Mac Death Match series is now just a troll to get more hits. MacNewsWorld should show some ethics and stop supporting Enderle who by his words over the last few years has proven he is not an analyst rather he is a pusher of his own agenda.
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