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Re: Secrecy Eating at Apple
Posted by: Mark Hall 2004-07-08 11:30:05
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Three and a half years ago I wrote, "Today, there's no reason for IT managers to consider the Mac in their product plans, which is appropriate since Apple doesn't think of them either." I was wrong. The truth today is far different. Apple Computer's technology is not just a credible choice for corporate IT. It's often the most cost-effective and best-performing option. You just don't know it because, in some measure, analysts and journalists covering enterprise computing wrote off Apple a long time ago.

Re: Secrecy Eating at Apple
Posted by: pecosbill 2004-07-09 16:19:39 In reply to: Mark Hall
ECT is nothing more than rabble rousing the Mac afficionado. The good point made is that Apple isn't doing enough PR work to incite interest. The whiny part about the article is they don't like not knowing about Apple's plans. Apple has taken on the super secrecy for a reason. Microsoft stole lots of their ideas for Copeland (except for the failure to ship one) as well as multitudes of others. (Now Apple is follows M$ steps.)
It's self perservation (in their minds). As for announcing future plans, they ARE doing it. Did you not hear about WWDC (World Wide Dev Conf) about the features due in Tiger (v10.4). Any more advance info more than that would be suicide.

Re: Secrecy Eating at Apple
Posted by: jasong 2004-07-09 01:49:35 In reply to: Mark Hall
Wow. First paragraph, and you lost all credibility.
"Fingers must also be pointed at 1 Infinity Loop, the company's Cupertino, California, headquarters. Like its pretentious address, Apple's haughty attitude simply annoys people."
Just a small amount of investigation would tell you that it's 1 _Infinite_ Loop, not _Infinity_.
And what, exactly, is "pretentious" about this address? Is it more pretentious than "One Microsoft Way"?
The rest of your argument might be well-thought out, but it's difficult to crawl out from the hole of discredit.

Umm... that would be 1 *INFINITE* Loop...
Posted by: djeffery 2004-07-08 23:04:02 In reply to: Mark Hall
1 Infinity Loop would be meaningless. Although I don't see how either address would be seen as "pretentious"; 1 Infinite Loop does have a lot of geek cachet, though. I've always seen the address as a bit of wry self-directed humor; any mention of infinite loops are generally in reference to buggy code.
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