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Re: NBC's 'Heroes' to Fly First on iTunes Music Store
Posted by: Vern Seward 2006-10-13 12:16:33
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Here's an interesting tidbit: NBC and Apple, along with Nissan as a co-sponsor, are offering a free sneak peek at the highly hyped new NBC TV show, "Heroes," which will run on Mondays at 9 p.m. (EST) this Fall. But there's a catch -- and you knew there would be: To get the sneak peek, you've got to go to the movies to pick up a special card that has a download code for the iTunes Music Store. Try as you might, you won't find "Heroes" listed in the free download section of the iTMS, or any other section in the store, for that matter.

Re: NBC's 'Heroes' to Fly First on iTunes Music Store
Posted by: brettbum 2006-10-13 12:31:17 In reply to: Vern Seward
A scavenger hunt gone wrong might be called a wild goose chase.
NBC and iTunes have succeeded in making for a frustrating and useless experience.
I missed the 'hype' of the show a month back, shame on me for being their customer.
I saw the 3rd episode of the series and liked the show. I wanted to catch up and watch the first and second episodes. Tried to find them on NBC and only found teasers and deadlinks to iTunes.
I didn't go to the movies a month ago and so I don't have the 'special' code to unlock the first episode.
Shame on me again for being a customer that would like to watch their shows. Apparently, I'll have to wait for reruns, just like I had to wait for re-runs 10, 20 even 30 years ago.
Maybe if NBC would stop playing silly marketing games and just make their programs available (with commercials is fine with me), their viewers/customers might do something crazy like - !Watch their shows!
Is that such a difficult concept? I don't need to go on some wild goose chase for easter eggs and TV shows. I just wanted to watch the program and see if it would be worthwhile to watch on a more regular basis.
If they don't want to make it easy, I'll likely forget and loose track of the show. I'm just one person, but there are likely to be other viewers that have missed the shows as well.
They say they want wide penetration, but they are missing the obvious potential of the internet to hook viewers with deep penetration of past episodes.
Ohh Well, there's lots of other shows to watch!
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