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Re: Five Reasons Zune May Kill iPod
Posted by: Brad Cook 2006-10-02 07:01:41
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While many pundits don't expect Microsoft to make much of a dent in Apple's share of the MP3 player market -- rather, the company is expected to cannibalize sales of other competitors -- Computerworld's Mike Elgan believes that the Zune "scares Apple to the core." He offered five reasons: a consumer media "perfect storm" launched by Microsoft; Zune's social and viral aspects; the ultimate availability of more programming than iTunes; a better screen for movies; and the "cool factor."

Re: Five Reasons Zune May Kill iPod
Posted by: henkg 2006-10-15 04:02:25 In reply to: Brad Cook
Microsoft is doomed. Vista is doomed. Bill Gates is jumping ship. Microsoft doesn't even know what consumers are and aseses their needs by copying other co's designs and concepts years later. There is no vision of the future inside Microsoft; they're late again. Zune is a dog and ugly as hell; who in their right mind would buy a brown Ipod. Zune is not a killer; it is a suicide-attempt from a once great software company that today is no longer able to deliver a decent operating system. They got lost between the type-writer and the word-processor. Zune's "social and viral aspects' (in BROWN?). The "ultimate availability of more programming" (when?). The "cool factor" of a 5 year's late knock-off, next to millions of "originals", I don't think so.
A bottle of my finest champaign to Mike Elgin if he proves right...

Re: Five Reasons Zune May Kill iPod
Posted by: frankz00 2006-10-02 14:09:22 In reply to: Brad Cook
This is Microsoft's fifth go at this and each has been just as unsuccessful as the last. Every "iPod killer" manufacturer has gotten it so wrong because they don't understand the non-geek. Microsoft is also shooting itself in the foot by not allowing previous purchases to played on the new devices. Everything that is possible with digital audio has already been done to with the iPod. In other words the iPod is the pinnacle. It's only downhill for the industry from here. Anything that would make the Zune even remotely useful (i.e. WiFi) will be crippled by the RIAA to extent that it will be unusable. The real challenge for Microsoft isn't really from Apple, it's from the copyright Nazis that are killing technology.

Re: Five Reasons Zune May Kill iPod
Posted by: kampong 2006-10-02 09:51:12 In reply to: Brad Cook
seriously, Zune is in deep trouble... U can share music with one and other? Come on... u are interfere with the copyright right of music... if everyone share, the whole music, movie, entertainment industry will skrink... and Bill Gate wil be spending fortunes in Court
And Zune SCARE Apple to core? come on... it should be Apple scaring Zune to core... Firstly, Zune is losing money before enough any money, so as to keep the price as attractive to Apple IPod at $249.99... come on... u still want to count in the 0.99 cent... fine...
Secondly, the "cool" factor... how COOL can it be? seriously...u want to compare coolness... compare with IPod nano, THAT is cool... u comparing coolness with IPod? i will see how microsoft lost its cool if they see the 6th generation IPod next year...
Thirdly, more programming? u have more programmes for ur music player than one like itune... u are in deep trouble... if u cannot make a music programme for ur player, ur player is just another entertainment rubbish box, just throw everything and it will be in a MESS! If u have more than one pragramme, Microsoft, get ready to lose more money as all the virus will get in ur music player, u cannot solve ur own internet explorer patch, u still want to make hardware product?
Thankfully , the titile have a word "may"... but in reality, microsoft, the greatest inventation from ur company is only microsoft 95 and microsoft office, Xbox 360 will stil lose to sony playstation 3 in game quality.

Re: Five Reasons Zune May Kill iPod
Posted by: frankz00 2006-10-02 14:11:23 In reply to: kampong
As far as cool is concerned. You can't even think of being cool when you select brown as one of your colors. The iPod nanos have taken colors to a new level and Microsoft picks BROWN?!?!?!
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