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Re: It's Way Too Early to Dismiss Zune
Posted by: James Coates 2006-09-22 04:58:41
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Even folks lucky enough to live in caves probably know by now that, thanks to the iPod, Apple Computer enjoys hands-down supremacy for elegant digital entertainment gear and simple downloads. So there was little surprise when Apple was the clear favorite over Microsoft as they locked horns recently in bids to determine who will prevail when we get most of our audio/video home entertainment as Internet downloads. Friends and neighbors, I'm here to tell you that it is mighty early in the game to count Microsoft out.

Re: It's Way Too Early to Dismiss Zune
Posted by: jbelkin 2006-09-22 13:39:33 In reply to: James Coates
You're right but MS certainly isn't doing much right off the bat.
- The announced price is higher than the 30 GB ipod.
- Brown? Really?
- Design? At best, average
- Re-branded Toshiba that is not selling.
- It's WMA but not Plays4Sure WMA - WTH?
- Amazon Store hated by early adapters because it requires software and "calls home" with EVERY startup.
- Non-organic accessories are non-sellers (see Xbox 360 faceplate market).
- Consumers do not buy not-ready-for-prime-time products and hope they get better (enterprise software different).
- WMA had a headstart to mp3 & fairplay, consumers have soundly rejected it.
- Battery life way lower than iPod.
- Most PC users lothe WMP.
- WMP 11 has restrictive DRM.
- MS now stands for buggy software.
- They have failed with every consumer product since 1995 (MSN online, talking barney, watch OS). Even the Xbox which is really a self contained PC without driver problems has cost them about $400 to sell EVERY unit ... and $10 BILLION dollars.
- Yes, MS is out there but they are the GM of technology. There but not scary to anyone anymore because they are basically too obese to move off the gurney.

Re: It's Way Too Early to Dismiss Zune
Posted by: Vienna 2006-09-22 07:33:23 In reply to: James Coates
"By contrast, it was Apple that sounded lame when Jobs announced that a device called iTV will be available in a few months to send movies from a Macintosh to a living room TV set."
The iTV device connected to a TV will receive media streamed from iTunes whether that be from a Mac or a PC.
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