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Re: How to Become One of the 'Pod' People
Posted by: Will Quah 2006-09-18 06:44:28
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There are a lot of new ways to entertain yourself out there on the market these days, and it seems like the Internet is at the heart of all of them. From ordering those hard-to-get-items by shopping online, to bidding on items you will never, ever use on eBay, to checking out the latest on your favorite adult actors (hey, it's art!), there are a million-and-one ways to waste an evening surfing the Net. And now there's one more. If you've never heard of podcasting, don't be embarrassed.

Re: How to Become One of the 'Pod' People
Posted by: revry 2006-09-18 08:20:38 In reply to: Will Quah
The strength of podcasting, to me at least, is that it offers opportunities to create programs that have too limited an audience for traditional radio broadcasting. My own podcast, "Mister Ron's Basement" gets thousands of downloads every day -- not always the latest episode by a longshot. The nature of my particular subject -- public domain humorous literature -- is not really topical, so older episodes can draw in more downloads than newer ones. Still, I have managed to produce almost 500 episodes of the program (Episode #500 on Sept. 24th), surpassing a million downloads months ago, and have been looking for a sponsor, without success so far. So far it has been a labor of love. Still, podcasting is in its infancy, and because its reach is global, is not tied down to geography the way broadcast radio is.
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