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Re: Allure of Mac Pro May Move Windows Fans to Convert
Posted by: Dwight Silverman 2006-08-17 07:50:10
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Apple completed its transition to Intel chips with the launch of powerful Mac Pro desktop computers last week and in doing so is positioned to break out of the prison it built for itself. The market share for Apple's Macintosh computers has been stalled in the single digits forever. Its reliance on the Mac OS X operating system -- more than 90 percent of the computing world uses Microsoft's Windows -- doomed it to be a niche platform.

Re: Allure of Mac Pro May Move Windows Fans to Convert
Posted by: davebarnes 2006-08-18 07:49:53 In reply to: Dwight Silverman
Do not even think about buying a Mac.
I say this as someone who built his own Windows machines.
I say this as someone who switched his business to Mac OS X over a year ago.
I switched to the Mac platform for two reasons:
1. Mac OS X. A better (in my opinion) operating system.
2. Even though I am a "tech weenie", I got tired of tracking all the AMD and Intel chips and video cards and etc. Now, I let Steve Jobs tell me what to buy. He limits my choices and I like that.
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If my employer requires me to return to the company's office full-time to perform my job, I will...
Agree, because I like my job regardless of where I perform my duties.
Comply, because I can't afford to lose my current job.
Go with the flow, but start looking for different employment.
Resign immediately, so I can dedicate all of my time to find a job that better suits my needs.
Try to negotiate a hybrid work from home / work in office arrangement with my employer.