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Re: Piracy Tops the Agenda at Copyright Conference
Posted by: Brian Lavery 2004-06-29 02:56:21
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The hundreds of people who attended a European copyright conference here last week were a worried bunch. They shook their heads gravely as pundits described the challenges of protecting copyrighted material online. They dominated question-and-answer sessions with woeful tales about stolen industrial textbooks and photographs used without permission. But the number-one topic was music, and the number-one online music company Apple Computer announced that the new European versions of its iTunes service had sold more than 800,000 songs in their first week.

Re: Piracy Tops the Agenda at Copyright Conference
Posted by: harmboer 2004-06-29 03:19:46 In reply to: Brian Lavery
Pierre Sirinelli, a law professor at the University of Paris, told the conference
"The desire for free content has outweighed the respect for copyright," he said. "Copyright now seems to be seen as an evil."
No wonder! Why does a copyrighted CD have to cost $5 or more whereas a blank CD will cost you less then 50c? Why does a copyrighted video have to cost $10 or more whereas a blank video cassette may cost you $1 or less? Why does a copyrighted DVD have to cost you $15 or more whereas a blank DVD will cost you less than $1? Because the copyright firms wants to make too much money out of copyright! If a copyrighted CD, video or DVD would cost only double that of a blank product, almost nobody would pirate as the quality of the original is normally better, but at these high prices they charge they are creating incentives to copy!
Piracy will only diminish if they charge realistic prices for their copyrighted products, that is, if they take the incentive away. No law or copyright system will do that.
And copyright will be seen as an evil until the holders thereof get sensible.
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