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Re: Will Microsoft Enlist Fab Four's Help in iPod War?
Posted by: Tim Arango 2006-07-27 08:09:16
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It may not be Microsoft's vast tech expertise that ensures success in its coming digital music battle with Apple, but rather a rock band from the 1960s. Looming over Microsoft's plan to offer its own digital-music player and download service to compete with Apple's nearly ubiquitous iPod is the Beatles' business handler's refusal to make its catalog available on the Internet. "Will Microsoft spend money to get ... the Beatles catalog?" asked Michael Pachter, an analyst at Wedbush Morgan who follows Microsoft.

Re: Will Microsoft Enlist Fab Four's Help in iPod War?
Posted by: jbelkin 2006-07-27 15:38:12 In reply to: Tim Arango
Unless you are 64 years old like Tim Arango, people already know how to put their Beatle CD's on their ipod.
Psychologically and marketing wise - it's a good ploy. I'm sure the Beatles are asking for the moon and sure Ms might give it to them for the exclusive but the reality is - it's a short lived buzz.
How many beatle tracks will 12-24 year old's buy? And who are the Beatles?
After a week or two at the top of the charts, no one will care since if you want Beatle tracks - how many people who like the Beatles do not already have the CD's?
People want to buy $.99 tracks because albums/Cd's are filler but the Beatles?
that's not to say it's not a bad marketing ploy but if anything, there's the danger you're branding your player as the old geezer 1960's music player while MS is trying to parlay their meager successes in the xbox business.

If they do, I am burning my Beatles records
Posted by: Tripod 2006-07-27 12:29:18 In reply to: Tim Arango
That would be such a shame. Apple and the Beatles are the most original, creative groups ever known. MS is a bunch of hacks that can't even COPY things intelligently.
Surely, there would be real satanic messages when you played THAT backwards...
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