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Re: The iPod's Incredible Journey
Posted by: Claudia Joseph 2006-06-15 06:29:20
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It has come to define a generation. In just five years, Apple's iPod has become one of the most popular and iconic gadgets around. More than two million people in Britain own one, and last year alone 22.5 million were bought worldwide: a phenomenal 61,644 a day. The distinctive digital audio players, which can store thousands of songs, photos and even full-length films, have turned California-based Apple into one of the world's most profitable companies, earning founder Steve Jobs a US$3 billion fortune.

Re: The iPod's Incredible Journey
Posted by: UpajOs 2006-06-15 10:28:24 In reply to: Claudia Joseph
I think the writer was fed a line about the material cost of the iPod. I've worked in the disk drive industry for over 20 years. Modern 3.5-inch hard drives have similar complexity to an iPod, and their bill of materials cost is between US$10 and US$20, depending on the model, and they sell at retail between US$50 and US$120. Disk drives use many critical mechanical parts, a requirement largely absent from a flash memory based music player. I'd expect the true material cost of an iPod to be less than US$20.

Re: The iPod's Incredible Journey
Posted by: eokon 2006-06-15 09:55:03 In reply to: Claudia Joseph
it may cost apple 76 bucks to put the ipod together... but how much does it cost to advertise? how much does it cost to operate a apple store? what about all the other expenses that are in account that are not mentioned... i guarantee it costs much more to get that ipod off the shelf that 76 bucks.
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