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Re: iPod Games Rumor Fuels Apple-Nintendo Merger Speculation
Posted by: Anonymous 2006-06-12 09:16:18
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On the heels of a recent rumor that Apple is developing iPod games under the direction of a former LucasArts employee, Cnet's UK site Crave on Friday speculated that the company could actually make a move to acquire Nintendo. "What could be more quintessentially left-field Apple behavior than buying out the U.S.'s number three games console manufacturer?" the article asked. It pointed to similar corporate philosophies, brand loyalty, design styles, and complementary market spaces as reasons why the merger isn't so far-fetched.

Re: iPod Games Rumor Fuels Apple-Nintendo Merger Speculation
Posted by: jbelkin 2006-06-12 15:41:23 In reply to: Anonymous
Anyone who types out the words TAKEOVER NINTENDO has no clue MANY several things, they are clueless about:
Corporations in Japan.
How Nintendo Operates (Nintendo Company Culture).
Companies who do not directly compete are NOT necessarily complementary.
It is EXACTLY like how the Dubai company tried to buy American ports. The reality is - what are they going to do, move the ports? No ... but symbolically, it means much more ... same with really any Japanese corporation but particularly Nintendo.
Toyota can afford to buy FORD. Will they?
GOOGLE can afford to buy GM, will they?
What is theoritically possible does not make it plausible or even remotely likely.
Japan would not allow Apple to buy Nintendo.
It's as simple as that ... never mind that Nintendo has no interest in being part of anmother company - unless the Us where shareholders if enticed with enough cash or shares will tender, NO JAPANESE companies are really controled by "independent" shareholders. You might get a few % who tender but that would be it.
Nintendo LITERALLY has a thousand year business plan. Good luck competiting with that.
Can Apple & Nintendo team up for something? Sure. In fact, it is unlikley but remotely plausible that Nintendo would allow an add-on to play Nintendo games on a Mac - unlikley but Nintendo is more interested to sell software versus hardware (higher margins) so that might be remotely possible but unlikley because like its twin in secracy and go-their-won way, they simply prefer to go their own way and are unconcerned with average people jibberjabber ... that is the ONLY aspect they would agree with Apple on - beyond that, it's just pulling crap out of the air.
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