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Re: Efforts to Dethrone Apple Benefit Digital Music Consumers
Posted by: Mike Langberg 2006-05-31 07:22:59
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Apple Computer is becoming the Microsoft of digital music, and that's not a good thing for either consumers or the music industry. The powerful combination of Apple's iTunes online store and iPod audio/video players is grabbing so much market share that competitors -- until now, at least -- aren't getting a toehold. Microsoft is often criticized for creating a "monoculture" with its Windows operating system. More than 90 percent of the world's personal computers run Windows, leaving little incentive or opportunity for operating system competition.

Re: Efforts to Dethrone Apple Benefit Digital Music Consumers
Posted by: drp 2006-06-01 05:12:28 In reply to: Mike Langberg
When you talk about hardware neutral system, do you mean MP3 player? Almost all of the other music services are Windows only.
Your view makes it sound like they work for everyone. Ten million plus worldwide Mac users cannot use them (also the Linux community).
Your article promotes a Microsoft monoculture. iTunes and iPod at least allow 95% plus of the PC market access to a viable music download service.
Apple may have its warts, but at least it delivers to the PC community.

Re: Efforts to Dethrone Apple Benefit Digital Music Consumers
Posted by: janmorren 2006-06-01 05:01:27 In reply to: Mike Langberg
***sigh*** it's amazing how you tell everyone to go for Urge... Like you are a Microsoft stockholder (or you get your money from them). Because, as I see it, iPod users will not benefit from the deal with M$ and MTV. More than 55 million iPods in the world, and growing. And you hope that Urge will come through? So, every one of those 55 million users has to buy something else?? Grow up, look at it this way: we get a great deal from Apple buying music. OUR music to keep, and not only to listen. The iTunes music store is great (although not everything is on it, but that's a political issue), and prices are very good. If you see a CD cheaper than on the iTMS, well go for it, put it on your iTunes library and get it on your iPod. Is there a competitor?? No, because they all do it wrong. Embrace the iPod, and make your music to keep, and you'll see that you can make rivals. And THEN you have competition, THEN the 55.000.000 iPod users will ALSO gain (everyone of them is a consumer, right) as well as other consumers. Microsoft is not seeing this correctly: they want to be an opponent, instead of being a pusher of new technology which serves us all to a satisfactory level...
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