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Re: MacBook Pro: Faster, Cooler Chips Take the Laptop Up a Step
Posted by: Eric Convey 2006-05-29 00:04:41
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Apple Computer's switch to Intel processors this year has the potential to bring a number of improvements to customers, but it was obvious from the time of the announcement that the biggest winners would be notebook buyers whose machines would benefit especially from faster, cooler chips. The MacBook Pro, Apple's top-of-the-line laptop, is the company's first portable to get Intel chips. The aluminum-shelled notebook, which began shipping this week, replaces the PowerBook in Apple's lineup.

Re: MacBook Pro: Display is Inferior
Posted by: EnglishGoethe 2006-05-29 00:30:58 In reply to: Eric Convey
Eric wrote:
"Apple has always taken displays seriously, and the MacBook Pro's is the best this reviewer has ever seen on a notebook."
I can't possibly disagree more. Apple's laptop (and standalone) displays are truly among the worst in the market. All smoke-and-mirrors marketing aside, there is only one measure that matters: dpi.
The size of the screen is completely irrelevant for all practical purposes. DPI determines the clarity of the image that you're viewing, period. Both the MacBook and MacBook Pro (all screen dimensions) display images at approximately 110 dpi, which is awful. If you develop code, try staring at Courier 9 text on a Mac all day (or even for a few seconds). It's completely fuzzy.
On the other hand, the 144 dpi of the Toshiba Portege M200 Tablet PC (that's 1400x1050 on a 12" screen) produces among the clearest images that you'll find on any display.
If you want to see truly amazing displays, look at the HP iPaq hx4705 PocketPC, which is 192 dpi. Once you see what that looks like, you'll see exactly why the MacBook Pro displays are awful.
I think that the MacBooks are great laptops except for their displays. I would under no circumstances ever buy a laptop with a display that wasn't at least 144 dpi.
Put an M200 next to a MacBook Pro, fire up your favorite editor, type some text, and change its size...down, down... When the MacBook Pro's text becomes illegible, the M200's will remain razor-sharp.
Apple's displays are embarrassingly inferior.
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