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Re: Dell Eyes Retail Again, With Apple Stores as Model
Posted by: Gene J. Koprowski 2006-05-24 08:04:25
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Apple Computer this past weekend made national news -- once again -- by opening another retail store, this one right in midtown Manhattan, on Fifth Avenue. Located next to Prada, Tiffany & Co. and Saks Fifth Avenue, the store will be open 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. The Cupertino, Calif.-based company won't have the computer retail space all to itself for long, however. Rival Dell is planning retail ventures, based on the Apple model. Other computer companies may join Dell soon, too.

Following Gateway is the Right Path?
Posted by: jbelkin 2006-05-24 13:17:10 In reply to: Gene J. Koprowski
Dell is apparently clueless about consumers. The kiosk would be like if you wanted to place an order on - then afterwards, someone would call or email you to close the deal.
Gateway and older stores like BEST (not Best Buy) and CONSUMER DISTRIBUTORS proved that in today's day & age - having stock sent later does NOT WORK. People are willing to buy by mail to save the hassle of going to a store but once they are there in the store, nobody wants to special order something and wait - ask car dealers if they prefer to close the deal or have them come back "later?"
Dell doesn't like its customers enough to set up a genius bar so they are pretty much screwed since 90% of the traffic will be people wanting to complain about how the newer Dell's are shabbily built.
Dell will soon be following in the footsteps of Zenith, Packard Bell, tandy & Compaq ... buh bye.

It's time...
Posted by: macbrewer 2006-05-24 12:52:24 In reply to: Gene J. Koprowski
Dear Mike,
You have had a good run at copying Steve Job's every move (well, the ones that are possible for you.) Stuff like copying the 'digital hub' idea and parroting that as your own.
In the end though, it's your own advice for apple that you should follow.
It's time to "sell the company, and refund the money to the shareholders." Really.

Those kiosks are ghost towns
Posted by: bennyboy 2006-05-24 09:22:45 In reply to: Gene J. Koprowski
I was in SF at one of the malls when I saw tucked away in a corner, a Dell Kiosk with a lot of their stuff on display. The reps looked bored since nobody was coming over to talk to them. In contrast I had a hard time getting in the Apple store a few blocks away. They must have had about 40 macs downstairs that were all being used by people, and upstairs was busy too.
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