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Re: Can Apple Stand the Heat in the Cell Phone Market?
Posted by: Mike Hughlett 2006-05-03 13:00:58
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Nana Furman doesn't own a mobile phone, preferring not to be pestered with calls during her private time. However, Furman, a young Chicago professional, is a big fan of the iPod and all things Apple. So, if Apple Computer were to launch a cell phone -- one with links to Apple's Web music store and other Apple applications -- she might reconsider, saying she would "definitely be intrigued." Apple watchers and wireless-industry observers think a lot of people would be intrigued.

Re: Can Apple Stand the Heat in the Cell Phone Market?
Posted by: Augustus 2006-05-03 13:26:32 In reply to: Mike Hughlett
1st I am an Apple fan but not a fanatic. But really, would "stock analysts" really be qualified for anything if it weren't for stocks. And since they have to work for a living, how good can they be?
Apple can't compete? How many of the 1980s PC makers are still around? MP3 market is not competative because there is no competition? How many MP3 makers are (were) there? What is this expert smoking?
And anyone who has ever used a cell phone would say they could be much better, in many many ways. Please Apple, get in the cell phone market, and show everyone how to do it, just like you did in the PC and MP3 player markets, heck in many respects my Treo 650 is not as good a "definitive experience" experince as a Newton 2000.
I personally think Apple could partner with any of the asian manufactures and kick butt in the cellular handset market. As far as needing the carriers to subsidize the phones, maybe, but I would pay more for a much better experience. And that is what Apple does, give us a MUCH better (not cheaper) experience. As far as dealing with the networks, everyone said the music labels would control the MP3 market. Who's laughing now stock boy?

who said they were entering the "Cell" market...
Posted by: macdrew2004 2006-05-07 14:32:10 In reply to: Augustus
the CELL market is dead in the water with the advent of Wireless Internet... Apple is going to release an IP Phone, that makes free phone calls to anyone with another IP Phone, doing a total end run around the "Cell" companies. Netgear already has a wireless ip phone...
it will be released the moment Apple releases theirs. there is NO reason for dumb Cell companies and their crazy pricing plans, Voice data is tiny and should be free to anyone in the world.
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