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Re: Apple Says 99 Cents Download Price Here to Stay
Posted by: Keith Regan 2006-05-02 12:43:37
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Downloading single songs from Apple's iTunes Music Store will continue to cost less than a dollar -- at least for now -- as four major record labels have agreed to keep existing pricing in place. Major record labels were said to be pressing hard to win the right to raise prices on iTunes for some of the most popular and newest songs. Apple CEO Steve Jobs had publicly stated that he intended to hold the line on the existing 99 US cents-per-track pricing, saying the roaring success of iTunes proves the price point is just right.

Re: Apple Says 99 Cents Download Price Here to Stay
Posted by: staind 2006-05-03 07:26:39 In reply to: Keith Regan
I don't care what anybody says about "Apple being king and beating the greedy record labels." Anybody who does the math on how much a full album costs on iTunes can see that it costs just as much typically as a CD at Best Buy would. I'm not saying the record labels are the good guys, because that's far from true. All I'm saying is that iTunes is not the godsend that some people make it out to be. Their music downloads come in their proprietary format that doesn't work with most other media players or devices, which means you're paying just as much for a song that isn't even as universally-compatible as an mp3 or CD. In addition, of that 99 cents that you're spending, about 85-90 cents goes to the recording label that does nothing more than advertise and sue people. Anybody who argues that buying music supports the artist hasn't been paying any attention to anything for the past 15 years. So if you want to support the labels and the RIAA, keep blindly spending money on those songs (that are still as expensive as CDs cost on a per-song basis), but if you want to support the artists go to their live concerts.
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