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Re: Logo Lawsuit Could Get Sticky for Apple
Posted by: Nancy B. Adams 2006-04-13 09:53:06
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The long and winding road that leads to profits for Apple Computer and its iTunes service may be narrowed considerably by a lawsuit filed by the Beatles' Apple Corps in a London court. The music publishing firm, controlled by Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and the widows of George Harrison and John Lennon, is facing off with Apple Computer for the third time in two decades. This time, the Beatles are claiming that iTunes is violating a 1991 contract that prohibited Apple from using the name "apple" or an apple logo in connection with any music distribution.

Re: Logo Lawsuit Could Get Sticky for Apple
Posted by: INTPMann 2006-04-14 08:41:03 In reply to: Nancy B. Adams
"Why can't we all just get along?" - Rodney King
I think the two Apples should settle along the following lines:
1) Apple Corps should follow through on digitally remastering the Beatles archive, and offer the ENTIRE Beatles archive online in ITMS.
2) Apple Computer would give Apple Corps EXTREMELY favorable terms, taking little or no profit, no price restrictions, and non-exclusive rights (Apple Corps can sell its catalogue elsewhere). If Apple Corps wants to sell songs only by the album, that would be OK too.
3) Apple Corps would agree to let Apple Computer market the Beatles catalog, and allow the use of the Apple Corps name in marketing slogans (think "Apple. Now on Apple.").
4) Apple Corps would agree to never bring suit against Apple Computer ever again. Even if Steve Jobs himself decides to start up a band and put out a CD of Beatles covers. ;)

Re: Logo Lawsuit Could Get Sticky for Apple
Posted by: driinc 2006-04-14 06:09:47 In reply to: Nancy B. Adams
If for some stupid reason the courts find that the multi-colored, stylized Apple Computer logo look like the Granny Smith that Apple Record uses.
If Apple Computer looses and has to change or remove the logo from iTunes. Apple Computer should then change thel logo to a Yellow Submarine.
This whole lawsuit thing has gone on for way too many years, and now it just boils down to the looks of a logos that doesn't even come close to looking like each other. I hope the laywers are have to work late to fight this case.
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