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Re: Apple Has Birthday, Fans Want Presents
Posted by: Andy Goldberg 2006-04-01 19:15:35
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Thirty years after Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs launched a company to sell computer kits to their fellow geeks, Apple Computer is still pushing the boundaries. Wozniak was the archetypal nerdy tinkerer who sold his beloved calculator to buy the parts he needed to build the Apple I. Jobs was the fiery visionary who sold his Volkswagen bus to raise the marketing funds. Apple faithful around the world are celebrating the auspicious occasion. Still, their dearest wish is for the company to roll out some cool new products.

Re: Apple Has Birthday, Fans Want Presents
Posted by: ChasmoeBrown 2006-04-03 10:12:17 In reply to: Andy Goldberg
I know I'm nit-picking, but didn't George Lucas found Pixar? Didn't Steve buy it from George?
I wish Steve was visionary enough to buy out AMD!

Re: Apple Has Birthday, Fans Want Presents
Posted by: ace1 2006-04-01 19:29:22 In reply to: Andy Goldberg
All well and good, but Apple has a way to go. I was immersed in the Mac atmosphere from 1984, when I purchased my 512 and boosted its' memory to a lofty two Megs (for $2000!), to 1995, when I took a job that involved 100% PCs. I still have a IIci and a pair of 512's, as well as a Thunderscanner (look it up!) a wide carriage Imagewriter, and a Newton 100.
Recently I had a client who simply(!) wanted to move some email from Entourage to Outlook on a PC. She had a 'dome' Mac, the one with the screen sprouting from the north pole of the semi-sphere. I couldn't for love nor money figure out how to get the CD drive to open. The help file was useless. The magic key on the keyboard had a symbol which obviously only talks to the converted.
It's fine to preach Esperanto. It's fine to create an Esperanto world. But even Albania has tourist guides with Albanian - English translations (I've actually got one...). An elegant operating system, beautiful industrial design, attractive interface, all splendid. But if Macs are really going to co-exist in a PC world, there will be issues to be addressed.
All hail Mac, I was there at the first Macworld in 1985, and the excitement was wonderful. Bless Steve (and Steve) for what they have wrought. I hope that my next machine (three years out, by past experience) will run both.
Like Guy Kawasaki, I still bleed six colours.
Robert Creek, BC
(land of the cheese eating surrender monkeys)
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