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Re: What iHate About iTunes
Posted by: Stephie Coplan 2006-03-31 07:19:27
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When I downloaded iTunes onto my computer, I sold my soul to Apple. For years, I had downloaded songs from Morpheus, Kazaa and LimeWire -- or whichever P2P file-sharing program wasn't being prosecuted at the moment. It was fun and instant and, most importantly, it was cheap. Still, Apple was offering me safety, accurate tagging -- none of this "01-By By By-Backstreet Boyz.mp3" business -- and album art for less than a dollar.

Re: What iHate About iTunes
Posted by: rkoningnl 2006-04-06 02:55:46 In reply to: Stephie Coplan
I understand that sites like, and are all legal (and I also understand that record-companies have not started litigation against these sites; or does anyone have other information?). The issue is that according to the laws of the countries under which they operate, they only have to pay their local music-rights organisations and not the record-companies. Question of course is for how long the laws remain unchanged......
A good overview of legal music-sites is provided at: This overview is in Dutch, but the content speaks for itself.

Re: What iHate About iTunes
Posted by: alexmizell 2006-04-04 11:10:53 In reply to: Stephie Coplan
You're kidding about right? How do you figure a site that sells mp3s for $.10 each (this while the RIAA is pushing Apple hard to raise its $.99 cent per download price) is doing it legally? Way to endorse people giving their card #s the Russian mafia there.

Re: What iHate About iTunes
Posted by: HPS 2006-03-31 14:52:13 In reply to: Stephie Coplan
Do you really think that Russian service was legit? Why in the world would all those acts sell their music so cheaply? Since I know one of the artists, I can guarantee his music has never been licensed to them. Did you go to their legal page? It is in russian.... I guess that just isn't much of an issue to you.
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