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Re: Sony To Challenge Apple with Its Own Music Download Service
Posted by: Tony Glover 2004-06-16 10:08:49
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US computing giant Apple has this week launched a full-scale assault on Europe's music market, but it faces fierce competition from rivals such as Sony and Virgin as well as growing customer complaints. In what it has billed as "the biggest thing in Europe", Apple has unveiled a strategy for its European version of its popular iTunes music download service as well as the European shipping date for the iPod Mini digital music player and AirPort Express, a ₤99 (150) handheld plug-in device that wirelessly streams sound from an Apple computer to a hi-fi.

Re: Sony To Challenge Apple with Its Own Music Download Service
Posted by: digital1000 2004-06-17 10:06:07 In reply to: Tony Glover
Uhhh, Sony was done in digital music before it launched Connect, and will offer Apple no competition in this area. Apple is serving up new international versions of it's store where there are lots of people with iPod's (this is the key, read again this is the KEY!!! people with iPod's can only use iTunes for LEGAL DRM'd downloads, nothing else! Apple dosn't have to worry about any other LEGAL on-line store - just worry about serving the growing legions of iPod owners - millions of potential customers are being added every year). Sony's new players and on-line store are simply too little too late.
oh yeah, the iPod already uses Sony batteries, so this story is tripe. Please do some research before writing these pieces.
The ignorance continues.

Re: Sony To Challenge Apple with Its Own Music Download Service
Posted by: puggsly 2004-06-16 10:17:34 In reply to: Tony Glover
Who writes this stuff?
>>>once consumer discovered that their iPods' battery life started to dwindle drastically after 18 months, often dropping from eight hours playback to one.<<<
OFTEN? There have been few rare cases of people who had this type of drop off due to the way the device was used and charged.
All batteries have a limited charge/discharge cycle and everyone uses the same basic technology. To imply that Sony or any other company has batteries that have better charge/discharge abilities is just plain false. Now I guess you could argue that because the batteries last longer on a charge that they will not see the problem as soon but this is due the the technology they use to store music which has it's own trade offs (few songs on the device).
So, do you want the smallest lightest hard drive based player or do you want ether a heavier (larger battery) or lower compactly player that uses Flash or some other storage device? We will see how the consumers vote, but so far they have preferred the compromises that Apple has designed.
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