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Re: Don't Knock the French for 'Thinking Different' About Digital Music
Posted by: Victoria Shannon 2006-03-27 09:27:49
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You can't blame the French for "thinking different" in the sincerest emulation of Apple Computer's onetime slogan. Yet that is what Apple is doing, complaining that a bill to break apart the proprietary link between Apple's iPod players and its iTunes music sales is a bad move for the digital music business. The computer company responded to the French National Assembly's passage of the bill in Paris on Tuesday, saying Wednesday that the law would "result in state-sponsored piracy."

Well, Sony does have its own proprietary format for their MP3 player, so does Microsoft. There really isn't an issue here from the standpoint of iTunes and the iPod. You are not limited to downloading from the ITunes music store as the only way to get music to your iPod. You can rip your cd collection (and who doesn't have at least a few cd's) to your iPod. You can go out and BUY the same album that iTunes is selling (used for a real good deal) and rip it. I bought a double cd set of Journey's greatest hits on Amazon.com for about 10 bucks which is cheaper than I could by downloading it from iTunes and if my computer dies I still have the music!
It's true that you don't want to have a monopoly on anything, but right now their really isn't one in the MP3 field. If people are too lazy to buy their music elswhere how is that Apple's fault?
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