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Re: The iPod-iTunes Phenomenon
Posted by: Joe Wilcox 2004-06-10 05:45:45
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One word describes Apple's sudden success with iPod and the iTunes Music Store: "Phenomenon." Apple's early music success transcends technology features and is as much about basic human characteristics often overlooked by companies developing new products. The popularity of iPod and the iTunes Music Store offers interesting cultural lessons for Apple and its competitors. What is the measure of success? People. People often make decisions based on what makes them feel good.

Re: The iPod-iTunes Phenomenon
Posted by: cc_kevin 2004-06-30 08:59:12 In reply to: Joe Wilcox
good article - gotta say i'm upset about the "itunes for europe" conclusion.
it is of course, dated since itms launched in france/uk/germany but that's beside the point.
what bugs me is the way our author let go of all reason and reality in the conlusion: "how about iTunes SMS for Bluetooth phones in Europe?" what sort of rubbish is this? even by mms, the multimedia 'text' service, song transfers would cost 5 per download (assuming, of course, this was even technically possible). secondly, messaging using these protocols has nothing to do with bluetooth. where our writer got lost, perhaps was just by paying the europeans a technological-adoption-rate pat on the back (we use these 2 technologies in a more widespread context than is currently the case in the US).
all of this might perhaps be imaginable with the arrival of 3G networks, which are having enough of a shaky start without having to worry about interfacing with itunes already.
there is a third "missing the point entirely" remark - even IF song downloads were possible by SMS, and if SMS was transported by bluetooth, a phone's just a phone as far as apple and itunes is concerned : "it's the music, stupid" [steve jobs].

Re: The iPod-iTunes Phenomenon
Posted by: Tom_Armadillo 2004-06-10 21:49:04 In reply to: Joe Wilcox
NIce article and a good examination of the role of brands in gaining mindshare in new markets - e.g. I reckon more people know what an iPod is than they know what an mp3 player is.
Nonetheless the throwaway recommendation at the end about SMS iTunes for Bluetooth phones in Europe sounds to me like total nonsense both from a business and technical perspective and either Joe has his wire(less)s crossed or has some spiffy new invention.
Yes SMS is very big in Europe, but what's that got to do with Bluetooth phones? If he's looking for remote control for iTunes using a Bluetooth phone I suggest he looks at the Salling Clicker. The key here is that Bluetooth is a short range and unbilled (once you have the devices there's no ongoing cost), SMS on the other hand is designed to work globally and goes via cellular networks which you have to pay for per message.
If he'd said MMS for iTunes which would let you send 30 second audio clips of songs to friends using the MMS standard via your Bluetooth phone, then that's another thing entirely (and a great idea that I just had!) .... and probably best to start with the Asian market first where the phone networks and devices are faster and more suited for this sort of thing.
Anyway, nice article - polish the ending next time ;-)
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