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Re: Traffic to iTunes Web Site Soars
Posted by: Anonymous 2006-01-23 11:40:22
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Nielsen//NetRatings, a provider of Internet media and market research, announced that traffic to Apple's iTunes Web site and use of the iTunes application has skyrocketed 241 percent over the past year, from 6.1 million unique visitors in December 2004 to 20.7 million in December 2005, reaching nearly 14 percent of the active Internet population. Nielsen//NetRatings said that teens are disproportionately represented among iTunes users.

Re: Traffic to iTunes Web Site Soars
Posted by: mhamon 2006-01-24 05:47:24 In reply to: Anonymous
I for one have uninstalled iTunes and will in future rely only on third party QuickTime codec installers. The fact that Apple boasts knowing what cars, music tastes and obviously other more personal information about its users is sadly overlooking, even smugly dismissing people's right not to be used for marketing statistics without consent. In the past marketing companies would seek permission and compensate their sample set for the information they provided, these days companies like Apple prefer just to take this information directly from our computers.
After installing Apple’s wares (iTunes) on my computer my internet traffic doubled as did the number of malicious spyware and trojans, and I hadn’t even used the damn program yet. Usually when people want to enter my house they knock and wait to be invited, iTunes appears to kick in the door and starts rummaging through my stuff looking for any commercial benefit it can find and quite possibly enables others to do likewise.
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