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Re: Intel Chips May Bring Mac and Windows Devotees Together or Not
Posted by: James Coates 2006-01-23 06:16:13
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By the end of this year, Apple plans to use only chips from Intel rather than the PowerPC processors from IBM and Motorola's spun-off chipmaker Freescale Semiconductor. After two bitter decades of fighting the Wintel behemoth -- Windows software running exclusively on Intel chips -- Apple now will use the same chips. With that announcement, down came the biggest of all the walls that once divided computer users into warring Mac and PC camps. It no longer is an empty hope to visualize all of us -- Macoholics and Window-wonks alike -- having the best of both worlds.

Re: Intel Chips May Bring Mac and Windows Devotees Together or Not
Posted by: Musica360 2006-01-23 06:22:36 In reply to: James Coates
I really hate to read stories where people aren't checking their facts..." Niche products like audio editing and movie-making hardware/software packages rarely even attempt a Mac version. So Apple found itself forced to build into Macs stuff like the iMovie and GarageBand software."
The first of all what are we talking about high end stuff or low end stuff.
On the low end IMovie defined that whole movie making genre forcing Microsoft to come up with a similiar alternative. On the high end the Mac always had Avid Cinema and Adobe's product (name escapes me) and others but when they introduced Final Cut Pro, which has become somewhat of a standard, they couldn't compete with the Mac offering as people choose Apple's product over theirs. On the audio side we have Logic Audio, Cubase, Reason, Digi-Trax and Protools. Garageband came about as a way to give people an easy to use introduction to sound/music creation with the hope that they would upgrade to Logic when they needed more features.
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