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Re: Will Music Subscriptions Replace Per-Song Sales?
Posted by: David Mercer 2006-01-12 07:16:03
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It's no secret that the iPod is one of the must-have gadgets of the early 21st Century. What is less talked about, though, is how Apple has helped to kick-start the transition of the music business from retail to online sales. In the space of just over two years, since the iTunes Music Store was launched, broadband Internet users worldwide are now spending more than US$1 billion a year on song downloads. ITunes is the dominant online music service. In the U.S., it ranks as one of the leading music stores alongside major bricks-and-mortar retailers.

Re: Will Music Subscriptions Replace Per-Song Sales?
Posted by: jbelkin 2006-01-12 12:23:00 In reply to: David Mercer
No. Satellite Radio (look at the portables) will keep subcription radio at around where it's at now. People do not have time to play DJ and shuffle around thousands of tracks they like enough to listen but not enough to own? For pretty much the same cost, they can listen to 200 professional programmed stations on XM or Sirius.
Sub radio is a minor, minor blip. If you took out all the subs included for college radio students without their consent (the univ. signed the deals) and those on the first month free deal or yahoo's intial $6 a month deal - I'll be bet the renewals are very low.

Re: Will Music Subscriptions Replace Per-Song Sales?
Posted by: setatakahashi 2006-01-12 07:25:53 In reply to: David Mercer
If subscription takes off, the publishers will stop releasing new songs or raise prices because of the business model. The consumer won't have a choice and the model will collapse.
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