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Re: Can V Cast Close In on iPod Territory?
Posted by: Spencer Ante 2006-01-07 23:47:07
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No, this is not Steve Jobs's worst nightmare. Not yet, anyway. But with the Jan. 5 launch of Verizon Wireless' long-awaited music download service, the mobile-phone service provider is offering American consumers the closest cellular rival yet to Apple Computer's celebrated iPod and iTunes combination. Verizon's new V Cast Music, to be unveiled at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, will give Verizon's 49 million customers an easy way to buy as many as 1 million songs over the air or on a PC at competitive prices.

Re: Can V Cast Close In on iPod Territory?
Posted by: jbelkin 2006-01-07 23:51:45 In reply to: Spencer Ante
They neglect to mention it's $15 a MONTH so your first music track really will cost you $16.99 - there is a reason advanced services only rakes in 5% of total users, it's way, way, way overpriced. It's tuff like the v-cast that makes the itnes phone look great by comparison (ROZR - no add'l cost to download tracks you buy though you do need a computer to buy tracks) and unlike the MS designed V-Cast software, it does NOT auto convert all mp3's to WMA and it's open to Mac & Linux users but V-cast current users are already ticked off their mp3's get auto converted to WMA tracks and NO WAY BACK. V-Cast is already a goner since no early adopter will touch it now.
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