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Re: Apple Zealots Smack Down Palm Buy Plan
Posted by: Brett Arends 2005-12-31 07:46:08
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If you think politics arouses strong passions, try writing about Apple. Recently I made the mild suggestion that the company take advantage of its soaring stock price to snap up Palm, the handheld computer maker. I argued that would quickly and cheaply open the door to the kind of multifunction handheld that combines a phone, an iPod music player and a PDA. The reaction among Appleheads? Feel the love. "Pinhead ... you are indeed alone ... what do you know anyhow? ... clearly an idiot...."

Re: Apple Zealots Smack Down Palm Buy Plan
Posted by: daseinx 2006-01-02 08:45:58 In reply to: Brett Arends
I may be a bit off here, but are not some of the designers of the Palm refugees of the Newton? If I remember, Newton was the real deal, but for some reason fizzled. Before that, 3com picked up the idea and the Palm was born. But that is ancient history.
What is the future is multifunction and the capabilty to leverage your PAN (personal area network). It does not seem unreasonable to me for Apple to purchase Palm, begin integrating interdevice communication using Bluetooth as the medium and bringing a cleaner interface to the Palm. I love my T|X, but would love it even more if it operated more seamlessly with my Mac. Integrate Bluetooth in my new iPod and allow me to utilize it as additional storage, and that is even better.
As to battery life, funny how physics never stands still. All those annoyingly brilliant people who insist in making things better simply because they can. Dammit.
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Re: Apple Zealots Smack Down Palm Buy Plan
Posted by: simty 2005-12-31 17:10:26 In reply to: Brett Arends
Let's not forget that Palm bought BeOS and it's many UNIX/GUI patents. Apple is likely to be one of the few companies who could benefit from all that intellectual property. Might be worth buying Palm and selling off the handheld business.

Re: Apple Zealots Smack Down Palm Buy Plan
Posted by: gprovida 2005-12-31 13:33:36 In reply to: Brett Arends
Unfortunate about the response, but the business case for buying Palm/Treo is unclear. What does Apple uniquely add in a very very competitive environment? The idea of multifunction devices, PDAs, etc. while attractive is a mixed bag. Even Apple mixing video and audio was a real gamble and still an experiment.
Job's decision on the Newton probably speaks strongly about the market. I was a fan of the Newton and it was a great product, urban legend on handwriting recognition aside, but Apple made probably a smart move although I wish someone had produced as good a product since.
I've used the Treo, eventually dropped it since it was always a second or third choice for email [versus an 802.11 or wireless cell] laptop, cell phone, PDA [basically rolodex], calendaring, etc. So I went back to a cell phone for calls, laptop for mobile, etc.
This may just be my work style, but I've seen others doing the same thing. Some really love the mobile email with a PDA - not me.
So how does Apple add such value as to make it mark in this market [it is not the MP3 player market prior to iPod]?
I think Apple could produce a very elegant, simple, and effective device, but would it be distinctive enough to make real headway.
Recall Job's view that the TELCOs and Cable companies make entry into those markets really really tough, look at TiVo and MS Media Centers.
Anyway, look forward to better understand business case for Apple engagement in PDA world. Incidently, if my memory holds, Treo is going WinCE next year?

Re: Apple Zealots Smack Down Palm Buy Plan
Posted by: pansokoeun 2005-12-31 12:05:10 In reply to: Brett Arends
Your article was a great idea and I firmly believe that it will help Apple and consumers worldwide in the future. The hassle of carrying many electronic devices is very uncomfortable. The less to carry, the better.

Re: Apple Zealots Smack Down Palm Buy Plan
Posted by: Techslacker 2005-12-31 08:21:01 In reply to: Brett Arends
I have my doubts that you follow the handheld market all that closely. Palm might have beat forecasts but are you even aware of what Palm is these days?
Palm no longer even develops their own OS. They are nothing more than a manufacturer of handheld devices that simply uses whatever OS or software that they can now make work and sell. This is not Apple. Palm has been forced into this position because the Palm OS has fallen so far behind in development that it doesn't seem to have a light at the end of the tunnel...very similar to where Mac OS was before OS X came out...possibly worse. Palm was also forced into taking on other OS's because other companies are now copying their highly successful formfactor of the Treo 6xx.
All in all I've always been a Palm fan and user and back in the day there was a time when Jobs wanted to buy Palm because he recognized an opportunity. That opportunity is long gone as it was the Palm OS that Jobs was more interested in due to its simple interface that in reality removed the OS from the view of the user.
I really like my Treo 650 but for what it's worth I see a huge number of shortcomings in this day and age with it. This is one reason for them beginning to go with Windows Mobile. It can do those things. Mac users typically don't like to hear about Windows products that do something their competitors can't but it's true.
Maybe a miracle will happen and Palm OS 6 will actually rear its head without disrupting its own market. On the harware side Apple simply wouldn't gain anything. I doubt the patent portfolio for the Palm hardware unit contains much of value. Softwarewise Palm OS/software belongs to another company and again I see little value in that for Apple.
Basically for any of this to happen Apple would probably have to acquire the hardware and software companies for Palm. Do I see this happening? No. Could it? Hard to say. Apple could easily do their own hardware and software to get into the market and probably be better at it. Their problem though is they're not established and have a bad rep of working with cell phone companies and such which is where a pda oriented company needs to focus now. Buying both the harware and software divisions could help them get in there.
So in the end, yes, there might be something there for Apple to latch onto but the stakes are high because Palm has been a victim of their own success. I just don't see it happening but then again in the tech industry whoever thought Apple would dominate the music industry *and* switch to Intel. Fanboys might have but anyone in the industry would never have guessed.
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