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Re: Apple Feels the Squeeze From Linux
Posted by: James Middleton 2005-12-06 09:28:28
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Apple Computer has quietly voiced its concerns about the growing threat it faces from Linux in the desktop market. The Californian manufacturer's concerns emerged in its Form 10-K filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission late last week. The 10-K is an annual report on the company's business, and an effective disclaimer on factors that may affect the company's future performance.

Re: Apple Feels the Squeeze From Linux NOT
Posted by: A clue for you! 2005-12-06 18:03:19 In reply to: James Middleton
Boy you have to be desperate to call this news. Do you have a clue what a 10-K is? Clearly not or you would know the purpose is to state every conceivable downside for investors information and to eliminate liability. Some insignificat burr on Apples ass like Linux is of no concern. Trying to make this news shows just how desperate the Linux boys are.
I guess Apple's secure UNIX that can run all applications from all platforms including Linux should make you pretty nervous. After all they have real developers who ship real application and the best UNIX as well. Seems like a recipe for Linux marginalization as if it would even matter.
What are we at now, the tenth year of this is the year that Linux takes off and makes it to the desktop. Yawn. Who cares.
Time to spend another fifty hours on getting a printer to work or an app to compile on the waste of time that is Linux.
If you grow up and get a real job and a real life you'll use a Mac if you have a three digit IQ, if not there's Windows and if you still don't have a life there's always Linux. No decent email programs and nothing else of note either but boy you can waste your life just trying to get stuff that works just like the real people use.
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