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Re: The Day a 'Smug' of Mac Users Was Not Nearly So Smug
Posted by: Giles Turnbull 2004-06-08 09:50:25
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When security problems strike, it's usually the Windows users who have to deal with them, disinfecting and resecuring their computers. After all, Windows presents the perfect target for the writers of viruses and worms. Not just because there are loopholes in its security, but also because it is the most popular software in the world. It makes a change for Mac users to have to sit up and take notice of a security alert -- but that's exactly what's happened.

Re: The Day a 'Smug' of Mac Users Was Not Nearly So Smug
Posted by: dewasa 2004-06-08 21:03:51 In reply to: Giles Turnbull
First, Apple released a security update the day before this article was published that closes off the vulnerabilities the author mentioned. Second, the author states, "What we tend to keep quiet about is the slow performance...Macs are more expensive." He is apparently unaware of Virginia Tech's stunning supercomputer comprising 1,100 G5 Power Macs running Mac OS X. This is the fastest self-built supercomputer in the world and the third fastest supercomputer of any type. The real jaw dropper is its unexcelled price-performance ratio. So much for the author's contentions regarding Mac speed and cost. Apple does not make bargain basement computers. However, its machines are very competitive in all respects within their respective markets.
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