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Re: GitHub Expands Free Feature Access, Slices Other Costs
Posted by: Jack M. Germain 2020-04-18 02:43:51
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GitHub has lowered its pricing plans drastically and made its core features free for everyone, even for private development. GitHub CEO Nat Friedman announced a plan that has been in the works for some time, noting that the changes were not related to the COVID-19 worldwide health crisis. The new structure allows access to GitHub's private repositories with unlimited collaborators for all GitHub accounts. Microsoft purchased GitHub, a software hosting and version-control platform, for $7.5 billion in June 2018.

Re: GitHub Expands Free Feature Access, Slices Other Costs
Posted by: jymm 2020-04-18 02:47:02 In reply to: Jack M. Germain
This is not on this article, but the poll. So the Linux community thinks everyone should be compelled by law to vote? I am shocked! The Constitution gives us the right to dissent, and not voting can be dissent. If forced to vote, I will vote "none of the above".

Clarification on Poll
Posted by: Publisher 2020-04-18 08:54:48 In reply to: jymm
Hello jymm,

Thank you for your comment!

Since your post will remain with this LinuxInsider article indefinitely, and the ECT News Network Reader Survey is updated weekly, we'd like to share the question, answers and results you refer to, so readers of your comment will have context after the survey is replaced.

Question: How should national elections be conducted in the U.S.?
- Mail-in ballots should be sent to every registered voter. (17%)
- Mail-in ballots should be sent to any voter on request. (6%)
- A secure electronic voting system should be an option. (6%)
- In-person voting should be required except for specific exceptions. (18%)
- States should set their own rules. (4%)
- Every citizen should be required to vote, with unexcused failure penalized. (49%)

At the time of this writing there were 180 total responses, and the poll was available from April 13-18, 2020. The poll will continue until April 20, 2020, so the results listed above are not final.

To view the final results of this poll after April 20, 2020, and other ECT News Network Reader Surveys, please visit https://www.ectnews.com/perl/surveys

Although the question is specific to U.S. national elections, the poll is available to everyone. We'd also like to point out that this poll runs on all of the ECT News Network websites, not only LinuxInsider. Therefore, it's likely that some responses are from readers located outside the U.S. -- and undoubtedly some responses are from readers of our other websites. Again, we mention this only for context to help everyone draw their own conclusions.

Best Regards,

Ric Kern | Publisher
ECT News Network

Re: Clarification on Poll
Posted by: jymm 2020-04-20 03:23:36 In reply to: Publisher
Thank you for the update. I guess there were many things I didn't know or consider. Again thanks.
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Which Big Tech CEO that testified at the Congressional Antitrust Hearing on July 29 is the most trustworthy?
Jeff Bezos of Amazon
Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook
Sundar Pichai of Google
Tim Cook of Apple
All of them are equally trustworthy to some extent.
None of them are trustworthy whatsoever.