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Elive is one of the most unusual Linux distributions you are likely to encounter. Elive Linux is an awesome integration of the Debian Linux base and the Enlightenment desktop. The combination provides a uniquely powerful and flexible computing platform. Its name suggests part of what makes this distro unlike the few others that have the Enlightenment desktop baked in. Elive is actually a live session environment that is capable of providing persistent memory so you can save settings and data without fully installing it to a hard drive.

Re: Elive Beta With Enlightenment Is Brilliant, but Don't Get Lost in the Maze
Posted by: darkoverlordofdata 2020-03-06 19:44:17 In reply to: Jack M. Germain
Possibly the worst desktop ever.

The excessive animations are so distracting they make it unusable. Everything spins, blinks or changes size, much like a 1990's web site after the blink tag was added. On top of that, the wallpaper keeps changing, with its own animations. When it's not moving, the theme is dated, gradient shaded 3d effects.

It feels like being in a room full of 6 year olds all talking at once.

I agree and further still what is the point of the Enlightenment desktop anyway? There are so little performance differentials these days except for Gnome 3, speed freaks can either opt for Openbox on something like BunsenLabs, the excellent Zorin Lite if they prefer Xfce or Q4OS with Trinity. Bodhi is another E17 kindergarten effort that should have been binned years ago but they call their variant the ‘Moksha’ desktop just to add even more confusion.
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