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Re: Can Bruce Perens' UserLinux Compete?
Posted by: Elizabeth Millard 2004-08-13 13:18:41
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UserLinux is due for public beta on September 1, but already some are questioning whether the distribution can survive in an enterprise market rife with competitors. The project's leader, Bruce Perens, noted that the distribution will be free and will have the same functionality as other distributions currently on the market. He and other UserLinux advocates are eager to bring Linux back to its roots as a free product, without many of the commercial ties that Linux has fostered through distributions from IBM, Red Hat and SuSE.

Re: Can Bruce Perens' UserLinux Compete?
Posted by: subdude 2004-08-13 13:41:10 In reply to: Elizabeth Millard
With all due respect Bruce, we already have an excellent FREE as in freedom distro called Slackware.
Slackware is totally up to date, well maintained and an excellent platform from which to create servers, desktops and any combination in between.
Further, Slackware has a well deserved reputation in the trenchs for it's fast and simple installation, configuration and maintenance. It has it's own package installer that is well supported by numerous independant sites. Slackware also benefits from an active newsgroup with many knowledgable participants as well as a colorful group of characters.
Slackware is one of the original two Linux distributions and has been in continuous development and distribution for almost 12 years - it has a solid userbase and wide deployment.
I know I am not looking for another Linux distro - Slackware does just about everything I want and doesn't do anything more (very important).
Lots of luck with UserLinux Bruce but perhaps your efforts would be better served if you were to throw your support behind a proven performer and not reinventing the wheel.
Vancouver, BC Canada
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