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Re: Windows XP SP2 and the Risk of a Linux Backlash
Posted by: Paul Murphy 2004-08-11 10:31:48
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The best method known for getting people extremely angry at you is simply to be right where they're wrong -- especially if you give them any opportunity to read a moral subtext into whatever they're wrong about. It's sometimes okay be a tiny bit smarter than the people you work with, but it's always devastating to working relationships to be proven right if that makes people feel you are somehow morally better than they are. Have that happen and they'll soon be calling you smug, self righteous or pious.

Re: Windows XP SP2 and the Risk of a Linux Backlash
Posted by: rnekus 2004-08-13 14:00:57 In reply to: Paul Murphy
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-and that's why we're all better off with an Apple, or any other viable OpenSource solution. Atleast it runs a real Unix (BSD) based secure OS. And yes, you do get what you pay for, viruses, securuty issues yet unheard of, is all you get with Windows.
Lets not forget who "stole" dos from unix. Dos was nuthin but a very cheaply bastardized version of unix with a backwards backslash -just to avoid lawsuits. And they didn't even pay the poor slob(s) who wrote it. The only good news is that it was the People's car even though it was a Volkswagen. It started what we all have at home now -hands down to that, but it's not gonna finish it. OpenSource style solutions both Hardware and Software will. -hopefully.
Windows should be all gone but the crying. We should all be on IP ver.6, and every Windows Server in every IT dept. in the world should simply be removed with an OpenSource solution.
Windows is just an upper-management OS with pie-charts, but thats why they are mangers ;)
Our Internet experience whether for business or pleasure, should be as easy and enjoyable as a simple Phone call. And RedHat should change their name to "Windux" since Billy basically owns them too. Oh ya, we may end up paying a little more for those PC(er OpenSource) Games but the experience may be well worth it.

Re: Windows XP SP2 and the Risk of a Linux Backlash
Posted by: jrbrtsn 2004-08-12 20:01:55 In reply to: Paul Murphy
I thought this article did a good job of addressing the emotional barrier that the Microsoft foot soldiers face when addressing Linux.
I might add that the learning curve for GNU/Linux based systems is formidable, generally no less than equivalent Windows systems, and represents a very real barrier to entry.
If you are working full time applying your hard won Microsoft skills to make a living, when are going to learn about Linux? Folks who don't grasp the significance of free(libre) software are inclined to believe that the free(libre) software movement will blow over soon; that is certainly the line that Microsoft has been feeding them.
I believe it's pretty clear at this point in time that GNU/Linux is taking market share away from Windows. It's time to start learning more about it.

Re: Windows XP SP2 and the Risk of a Linux Backlash
Posted by: beaner 2004-08-12 08:49:53 In reply to: Paul Murphy
Finally something that makes me understand why a lot of Microsoft supporters keep calling the OSS movement a religion and a bunch of fanatics and all sorts of very loaded words like those.
I tend to forget that sometimes, the loudest insults show a lot more about the one issuing them than about the one receiving them.

Re: Windows XP SP2 and the Risk of a Linux Backlash
Posted by: vorlon_ca 2004-08-11 11:11:34 In reply to: Paul Murphy
Doing the right thing is culturally unquestionable for most Americans and *some* Canadians, ....
Talk about making moral judgements, eh? Was this a slip, or did you really mean to put it like that?

Re: Windows XP SP2 and the Risk of a Linux Backlash
Posted by: Paul_Murphy 2004-08-12 09:27:54 In reply to: vorlon_ca
I meant it as I wrote it - the notion that all issues have two sides or that nothing is morally black and white (except majority opinion, of course, that's sacrocant) is what keeps the liberals in power and exemplifies situational ethics applied at the national level.
It's very European of us. I could just as easily have said "to most Americans and anathema to most people in France and Germany"; the joint homes of appeasement and "real politic".
All seriousness aside let me share my favorite jape of the week: "If Martin were serious about weeding out corruption in the Liberal Party of Canada, he'd join the Bloc." Rumor is my favorite premier said it, and I'd like that to be true.
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