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Re: SCO Forum Focuses on Litigation, Products
Posted by: Elizabeth Millard 2004-08-02 13:07:37
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The SCO Group kicked off its annual technology summit with a dual focus on launching new products and fighting IBM through litigation. Because it is being held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, the company used several movie clips to introduce its two key speakers, senior VP of worldwide marketing Jeff Hunsaker and CEO Darl McBride. The tone of each introduction was unique: Hunsaker bounced onto stage in Elvis glasses and a scarf after clips of "Honeymoon in Vegas," while McBride took the stage after a montage of "Rocky" clips that showed the bloodied fighter winning a boxing match while in a state of near-collapse.

Re: SCO Forum Focuses on Litigation, Products
Posted by: echeadle 2004-08-04 18:36:52 In reply to: Elizabeth Millard
The article stated:
He added that once a verdict is reached in November 2005, "The mainstream IT community will understand and embrace SCO's position."
I am in the mainstream IT community and I do not understand SCO's position. The reason I do not understand is because the position shifts so rapidly it is like trying to keep on top of moving quicksand.
One of many examples: One million lines of code found by MIT researchers "deep diving" in the linux code was a feature of last SCO forum.
Now somewhere it is recounted that there are 21,000 lines of code in linux. And the MIT people are missing.
Again it would be easier to be on SCO's side if you knew where to stand, but side keeps moving.
Also just about everyone at SCO is good at personal attacks. They attacked the character of Open Source people and then whine when the Open source community attacks back.
In the IT business I don't have time to listen to whiners on either side. I need facts, written clearly and concisely. I need to make judgements about what technologies to employ based on price/performance. I need to get a job done.
The whole SCO saga is becoming more juvenile by the minute. It would be nice if companies like Linux insder would stop pandering and give me information I can use.
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