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ECT News Community   »   LinuxInsider Talkback   »   Re: Ex-Maintainer Bemoans Linux Kernel Community's 'Toxic Background Radiation'

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Longtime Linux kernel developer Sarah Sharp last week published a blog post detailing her reasons for quitting the Linux kernel community. Sharp maintained the USB 3.0 host controller driver until January, when she decided to leave rather than continue to "contribute to a community where I was technically respected, but I could not ask for personal respect," she wrote. While it has shone a light on a problem that others previously have pointed out, Sharp's resignation may do little to change the status quo.

I am glad that linux is free from the corporate nonsense . I am glad that linux is a toxic environment for the corporation feminist bitching and the perpetually offended progressives .

@ Jondoe: your comments indicate that you are either a Troll or a Neanderthal...neither which the Linux community needs. Your lack of empathy for others is a sad commentary on your upbringing.

The last thing that the Linux community needs is attention whoring , feminist bitching , progressive victimization ans social justice warriors . The last thing that the linux community needs is the introduction of corporate nonsense culture, much less from intel. Didn't you read the article? Linux does not need that crap in order to be great and successful . All it needs is talented people in technical terms , there's no need to impose a certain culture from a certain corporation, Linux is much more diverse than that and it should stay that way . So i am glad that Linux is toxic for these "Elen Paos" that bring nothing more than uncalled and unnecessary associations of liabilities with women

If you are not able to tolerate other cultures, and that is non progressive and gynocentrists , then you are free to go . If you want to impose your own culture, then good luck with that .

And since you decided to start personal attacks here, i decided that i have zero empathy and sympathy for retarded trolls like you .
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