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Re: Linux and Kids: A Tale of Success as a Hero Battles for Life
Posted by: Katherine Noyes 2012-08-20 09:45:49
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Well it was a dark, dark week in the Linux blogosphere last week, as further evidence of the economy's sickly state spread across the land. Tale after tale of personal tragedy has popped up on Google+ and beyond, in fact, making it more clear than ever that the magnitude of this economic crisis has reached nothing short of epic proportions. Perhaps most notable among all the heart-wrenching stories, however, was the saddening news of the Linux community's very own Ken Starks.

What, no disparaging comment from hairyfeet??
Posted by: daboochmeister 2012-08-20 11:22:45 In reply to: Katherine Noyes
C'mon, s/he has to have something negative to say ...

Re: What, no disparaging comment from hairyfeet??
Posted by: hairyfeet 2012-08-21 01:21:00 In reply to: daboochmeister
Afraid your emperor has no clothes? or do you just need constant affirmation that you're "leet"? You want a statement here goes..

While i hope the guy gets his operation one really should look at the long term and the simple fact is nearly ALL of the "junker PCs" you find nowadays are Pentium 4s, aka "Super piggie power hogs" and the sooner those porkers end up recycled for the metal the better.

You want to use Linux for a lab? Not a problem, do so without wasting AC and electricity like its going out of style. The Pentium 4 thanks to netburst was a HORRIBLE chip, its long pipe made and crazy TDP made it nothing but a space heater and its lack of power saving features meant it sucked down juice like a drunk sucks down free drinks.

Instead a MUCH better idea would be to build new low power units, such as the E350 AMD chips, they suck less than 16w under load, idle at less than 5w, so you could literally power an entire lab with them for less juice than a SINGLE Cedar Mill P4 and as a bonus they are easy to cool passively or with a single tiny fan thus lowering the school's AC bill in the summer which since we are talking about TX is high enough as it is.

Want to save even more power? you can get an ARM based plug PC, those fit in the palm of your hand and use less than 8w a piece but because of the less bountiful software than Linux X86 and the fact there is Edubuntu ready to go my bet would be the E350 which thanks to AMD opening their specs has been supported on Ubuntu OOTB since V 11.04.

Now that said regardless of whether i think the guy's idea has merit I have lost family to cancer and I hope the man gets better, and to daboochmeister? Be proud, because of guys like you, taking any half baked badly designed software while refusing to do anything but lie to yourself and everyone else about how wonderful taking alpha quality is things never get any better. I'm sure MSFT and Apple are really grateful to guys like you, your consistent acceptance of failware means that forum hunts, Googling for fixes, drivers dying every update, are all accepted as "that's just the way it is". Congrats man, guys like you keep MSFT in business.
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