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Re: Valve, Linux and the Windows 8 'Catastrophe'
Posted by: Katherine Noyes 2012-07-30 07:28:44
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Love knows no bounds, as the old saying goes, and there may be no better example than the Linux community's feelings for Valve. That, of course, dates back to the magical day in April when the gaming company announced it was bringing its Steam gaming platform to Linux at last, causing no end of jubilation in the Linux blogosphere. Today, however, the flame of Linux geeks' love for Valve burns brighter than ever before. The reason? None other than a series of comments made by Valve cofounder Gabe Newell at the recent Casual Connect videogame conference.

Re: Valve, Linux and the Windows 8 'Catastrophe'
Posted by: hairyfeet 2012-07-30 23:28:14 In reply to: Katherine Noyes
The problem with Steam and Linux is twofold, 1.-You have a number of Linux core devs that are "purists" and thus will make it VERY hard for anything that isn't FOSS (and lets be honest folks Steam IS DRM, even if its a pretty nicely done form of it) and frankly it doesn't take much to make the shifting sands that is Linux internals not play nice with Steam.

The second problem is an even bigger mess, and that can be laid squarely at the feet of Torvalds...the horrible state of the graphics subsystem in Linux. you can buy a graphics card for Windows, use the driver that is on the CD and you are done, that's it. it'll work for the life of that Windows which is currently stated at 2014 for XP, 2017 for Vista, 2020 for 7, and 2022 for Win 8. that is a LOT of years without hassles. Sure you CAN update it but you don't HAVE to update it.

Meanwhile thanks to Torvalds refusing to allow a stable ABI (which FYI BSD, OSX, Windows, Solaris, and even OS/2 have a stable ABI now) in Linux will that Linux driver that came out when XP did work now? How about Vista? 7? the answer is nope nope and nope. And we all know when the graphics driver gets boned in an update it can be seriously BAD news, as in single user mode black screen o death bad.

If you want to compete with Windows when it comes to gaming you'll simply have to demand better of the devs. Make yourselves heard! Demand some stability! Because frankly despite Gabe's "doom and gloom" more likely just as we saw the web filled with "How to kill UAC" posts with Vista we'll see "How to kill metro" posts all over the web, people will get rid of the "LOL Hai! I'm a cell phone LOL!" Metro UI and install Steam and go right back to the way things were. If you don't believe me look at how many Win 8 topics end up with someone commenting or linking to Classic Shell, which is a freeware that does just what it says, kills metro for a classic Windows shell.

I truly hope I'm wrong. I truly hope proprietary apps like Steam are welcomed with open arms, i really do. I hope to see a day where I can hand over a Linux desktop and see it running fully updated 3 years from now without the user EVER having to need a Bash prompt. But frankly between the purists, the "CLI is teh leet!" crowd and those that think anything Linus does is correct

Re: Valve, Linux and the Windows 8 'Catastrophe'
Posted by: g1i1ch 2012-07-30 13:42:39 In reply to: Katherine Noyes
I just realized what Gabe and Blizzard mean when they say this. Where would you get WOW right now if you wanted to play it? You'd go to their website and download it. But with Windows app store you can't do that. So Microsoft is taking away their right to distribute their own games... I can see why they're pissed about that.

But I started thinking about it more. Microsoft will be taking 30% of application sales! And I wondered, who's going to pay that extra 30%? Us. It's a Microsoft tax, and it's either a tax on developers or a tax on us. Because developers will either take the hit or we will. And don't go saying anything about them being able to be a classic desktop app. That's like forcing them to be a 2nd rate citizen on their platform of choice just because they want to distribute how they want and charge how much they want.

Say no to Microsoft Tax! It has no place on our desktops.

Re: Valve, Linux and the Windows 8 'Catastrophe'
Posted by: hairyfeet 2012-08-16 21:47:30 In reply to: g1i1ch
Sorry but that's FUD. You can still load programs on Win 8 no different than any other Windows, you'll just have icons shotgunned all over your screen whether its from the appstore or from a CD.

What has Gabe's panties in a wad is that the Windows appstore will carry your "Angry Birds" type of casual games so he won't see no money from that...well who's fault is that? How many NORMAL people even know what Steam is? Or that it carries the "Plants VS Zombies, Angry Birds" style games? If you don't advertise in places where normal people can see it frankly you shouldn't be surprised when someone else jumps on that business.

That said unless your screen is smaller than 15 inches, is a touch screen, and you prefer only having a single thing open full screen at a time then Win 8 is just painful, its like having a root canal with a rusty screwdriver. TIFKAM (The Interface Formerly Known As Metro) shotguns the screen with icons if you install more than your average cell phone user, good luck using multiple programs on a nice big screen, more than half the TIFKAM apps are obviously written for low res and look awful, heck even solitaire looks like crud, the whole thing is a mess.

Final verdict? if its not a tablet Win 8 stinks, users won't buy, Gabe keeps backing up the money truck and makes his Steambox, Linux doesn't gain squat just as it didn't when Vista came out.
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