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Re: Dell's Increasingly Excellent Linux Adventures
Posted by: Katherine Noyes 2012-07-27 08:34:08
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The weather outside may be frightful, to adapt a phrase for the scorched and overheated world here in the Northern hemisphere, but there's no denying that July is turning out to be delightful for our favorite operating system. Not only did Linux get a heaping helping of recognition in the big Higgs Boson announcement recently, but we also saw MeeGo make an exciting new comeback in the mobile world. The latest news now is the apparent return of none other than Dell to the desktop Linux world.

Re:Gerhard Mack
Posted by: hairyfeet 2012-07-30 23:39:40 In reply to: Katherine Noyes
There is a REASON why you get cheaper hardware with Linux, and it is twofold. the first reason is frankly the fault of every Linux dev and blogger that has bragged "turn that dumpster dive into a great Linux PC!" because for years the Linux community have frankly oversold badly how little Linux needs to run well, so it gives the OEMs an excuse to dump parts they wouldn't be able to move otherwise.

The second if because with Windows HP and especially starter what you are getting isn't a "Windows Tax" its a "Windows Tax Break" because companies like Symantec and Norton pay good money to push their trialware, and the OEMs themselves make good money hawking everything from printer ink and paper to cameras through their junk software like "HP Solution center" which they install on every Windows PC.

Now not only does the third party stuff not run but frankly i bet if you looked at the numbers the amount of Linux users that actually use something like "HP Solution Center" to be pretty close to 0%. Heck most posts I've seen about buying Linux machines the buyers usually nuke whatever distro it comes with for their own fav flavor anyway!

Whether you like this or not this raises the price because the OEMs can't get paid for the bundleware and the extra aftermarket sales so naturally the price WILL be higher for you than a Windows user. this is NOT a "tax" its simple economics. With the user on windows they make X, with Linux they make X-Y, so naturally you are being charged Y to make up the difference. everyone knows the PC business is razor thin on the margins as it is so honestly it shouldn't be surprising that this is the case.

If you think its only the "Windows Tax" I suggest you go to someplace like System76, price a unit and then compare the same unit on Acer or Asus running windows, you'll find the Linux vendor simply has to charge more. Its econ 101 Mr. Mack, nothing more. Its also why Pro and Ultimate machines cost a LOT more than a simple license would cost, because those users will simply blow pro for a corp image or in the case of Ultimate just not use their "noob crap" software, thus less aftermarket money.
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