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Re: Hitting the Linux Gaming Jackpot
Posted by: Jack M. Germain 2011-12-26 16:01:50
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If you had the option to pick your own price for a computer game that only runs on your Linux rig, would you pay to play? Not if you are a typical Linux gamer. At least, that's the popular perception of fans of free and open source software. Linux is available freely. So why pay for a game -- or any other Linux app -- when the FOSS mantra is based on a no-cost buy-in? The team behind the Humble Bundle set of computer games is trying to buck the notion that Linux users are cheapskates. That company allowed its customers to name their own prices to purchase and download their software.

There is a simple explanation
Posted by: hairyfeet 2011-12-26 16:07:45 In reply to: Jack M. Germain
As to why Windows users pay less, its because Windows users have such a wealth of triple A titles its REALLY hard to tempt them! I have nearly 30 triple A titles in my Steam account and the average cost? $5. that's $5 for a triple A title folks! Why should Windows users care about some little indie game pack when you could buy FEAR 1&2 AND the DLC for $6 for the whole set, Max Payne 1&2 for $3 for the pair, or Just Cause II with all the DLC for $7?

This is why indies have such a hard time on Windows, its because there is so many really good games to choose from at truly insane prices that frankly unless it has something truly innovative like limbo they will simply get drowned out in the noise. I mean i got the entire HL series for $9 folks! Why would I care about some indie games when i already have more games than I can play and constant offers for top notch games for less than a meal at the Mickey D?
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