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Re: Top 5 Linux Predictions for 2012
Posted by: Jay Lyman 2011-12-13 06:30:25
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Linux continues to grow both its reach and credibility among enterprise IT users and customers, bringing competition, price and time-to-market pressure and options to key markets such as cloud computing and mobile software. Looking at the coming year for Linux, these are the key areas to watch: cloud computing, Platform as a Service, Android, the automobile industry -- and not the desktop. Linux cloud domination will grow and be most prevalent in PaaS. Android will strike back. Linux will get its license to drive, and hopes for the Linux desktop will die.

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Posted by: danygoel 2011-12-13 08:43:59 In reply to: Jay Lyman
Mobile commerce is undergoing rampant change. Retailers and consumers are racing for devices and applications with capabilities that they’ve never
had before.
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