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Re: Microsoft's Windows Store: FOSS Welcome Here
Posted by: Katherine Noyes 2011-12-13 02:42:37
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Here in the world of FOSS, watching Microsoft can be like riding on the proverbial roller-coaster, with no shortage of ups and downs. Sometimes -- like pretty much all the time when it comes to Android, for example -- things look pretty bad. Other times, however, there can appear faint glimmers of hope. Such was the case just last week, in fact, when Redmond began to reveal details about its upcoming Windows Store, including its app developer agreement for all those who hope to offer their wares there.

I agree with Ms Hudson
Posted by: hairyfeet 2011-12-13 02:52:17 In reply to: Katherine Noyes
That frankly MSFT knows they are hind teat in the mobile race and are getting desperate. Frankly I don't think it will help simply because the ONLY reason people have to use Windows IS Windows programs and guess what? those don't work on ARM.

So I agree that this isn't gates' MSFT because Gates would NEVER be THAT stupid. if Ballmer was a competent CEO he would be pushing WinPhone on ARM and working on making it work seamless with windows and the X360 but instead he is gonna make Vista look like Win95 by pushing a WinPhone onto the desktop and calling it windows. he'll run off the windows users who will simply stick with Win 7, he'll cause the retailers to suffer MASSIVE returns when people bring back these "WinTablets" because they won't run their Windows programs, he is gonna burn so many bridges that frankly i wouldn't be surprised if Gates has to come back to right the ship like what Jobs did with Apple.

I just wish the Linux community would get it together already, 2014 is nearly here and we retailers are all starting to get loaded down with overpowered XP boxes. But instead of putting out a truly user friendly OS that can stand head to head with OSX and Windows and trade blows we get 'CLI is leet!' and esoteric workarounds and drivers that fall down and go boom! when you try to update the thing. you have all the basic parts but the implementation leaves a LOT to be desired folks. Heck there isn't even a "find drivers" or "roll back drivers" button so if Suzy the checkout girl gets in trouble she can at least have a functional system.

C'mon guys, its nearly 2012 already, time to put down the 70s terminal and make a GUI that actually works for the masses already. because no matter how much you wish upon a star inside every user isn't a programmer waiting to get out and frankly they'd give up computers completely for iPads before the average user would touch a Bash term.
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