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Re: Giving a Clunky Old CMS the WordPress Treatment
Posted by: Richard Caccappolo 2011-11-28 19:37:52
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eMusic's old, custom-built content management system was slowing the team down. We're a digital media company, and our team has to be able to react quickly and share content on hot topics. When reviewing the different content management systems out there, we found that WordPress was an ideal solution to suit all of our CMS needs. We wanted an open source tool with support from a passionate community of users -- WordPress developers. We also wanted a mature platform.

Slowing what team down?
Posted by: MoussakaChaos 2011-12-08 22:41:16 In reply to: Richard Caccappolo
They didn't replace their "old, custom-built content management system" because it was "slowing the team down," they replaced it because it was based on Adobe CRX, and Adobe had just decided to roll CRX into ADEP ("Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform") and jack up the per-user licensing price. It was probably going to cost them tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There was plenty wrong with the old system, to be sure, but the new WordPress-based system is far, far worse in nearly every respect.

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Posted by: ggmoore 2011-12-08 15:22:19 In reply to: Richard Caccappolo
As another poster indicated the emusic.com site is a total and complete disaster. Caccappolo and his Wordpress lovers deserve to be canned. What idiocy to think you can do an n-tier scalable web architecture on WordPress and PHP.

Richard Caccappolo is nuts; eMusic is broken
Posted by: jss 2011-12-06 21:17:36 In reply to: Richard Caccappolo
Caccappolo says "...WordPress sped up the performance of the site, which is good for everybody. We're looking forward to expanding the number of content contributors."

Really? Where's the evidence? The eMusic site has nearly collapsed! Execs and developers are out of touch with reality and/or just spreading P.R.B.S. Back in the real world, where eMusic customers live, check out what's happening on the eMusic Message Board (https://www.emusic.com/messageboard/TopicBrowse.html). The feedback is all bad. The site is broken. Maybe it will eventually be fixed. (Why wasn't new code tested?) In the meantime, subscribers pay a monthly fee for little or nothing when they can neither find nor download music. The eMusic site isn't better, IT'S BROKEN!
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