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Re: Keeping the Desktop Dream Alive: Q&A With Jim Zemlin, Part 1
Posted by: Richard Adhikari 2011-11-25 05:53:25
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In 2007, Linux was heralded as the desktop of the future. However, the history of Linux on the desktop has been a story of strong support from a relatively small group of diehards but little real impact on the market as a whole. And by last year, there was even talk that the dream of the Linux desktop had been shattered. Why is Linux not doing so well on front-end desktops and on laptops? LinuxInsider sat down with Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin for an exclusive interview to get to the bottom of things.

Wishful thinking
Posted by: WitchLady 2011-11-28 23:36:27 In reply to: Richard Adhikari
Sure, tell all the gamers that play hard drive installed games that os doesn't matter and what people want is acess to data in cloud.

Even worse, mum only plays in browser, open java had problems, installed sun java but still there are some problems.

Also, still there is a lack of applications. Having mobile computing I still prefer to do most of the tasks (related to word processing, photos, videos) offline on my desktop. So.don'lie to.yourself

I call BS
Posted by: hairyfeet 2011-11-25 06:07:57 In reply to: Richard Adhikari
As a retailer I can tell you why Linux isn't gaining traction, and it isn't the iShiny or the iTalky, its because the community won't listen! I wrote an article here over 2 years ago by the title "What I need to help sell Linux" and not a single one of those things I pointed out exist yet! Not one!

The community acts like the world is full of nerd and programmers, when reality is more like .03%, they act like Suzy the checkout girl is reading bash programming manuals in the tub or that grandma is working on their CS degree, but that ain't reality.

What are your competitors doing right that you are doing wrong? I can answer that, their products are easy, simple, all GUI, and "just work" which Linux isn't even close. Try my "is it safe" test for yourself. download a distro from 3 years ago and upgrade/date it to current. this is less than half the average lifespan of a MSFT support cycle, yet when i try this simple test I end up with a broken OS. Broken drivers, screwed up settings, it just falls apart. I have WinXP boxes in the field that have been running since early 2002, that is three service packs and probably a couple of thousand patches and it ALL "just works". no broken drivers, no messed up settings, it just goes.

finally the hardware situation is a mess. How does Suzy shop for a printer? USB wireless dongle? TV Tuner? What does she do? She plays hardware roulette and often loses the game, that's what! Linux needs an online "Linux store" where ALL the hardware "just works" and has competitive prices, it needs a "Help Me!" button where a Linux Guru volunteer can take control of the system and fix problems, and it needs a hardware ABI so no matter what Linus twiddles with on the kernel or how many times you upgrade hardware NEVER fails!

Do this and you WILL gain share. Me and all the mom&pop retailers are frankly begging for a Linux distro that will meet our customers needs. At $100 a pop windows eats up our profits and we are already getting pallet loads of XP desktop and laptops coming off lease that will never be cost effective to upgrade to Windows 7. Give us a product that will do what we need it to do and we will be HAPPY to be your support system, imagine how easy it would be for Linux users if every small shop in the land carried and supported Linux. But you haven't listened to us and in its current form your software just doesn't work for us. Help us and we will help you. Stay on the current path and don't be surprised if Apple and MSFT continue to dominate the planet.
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