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Re: Open Source and the Open Road, Part 1
Posted by: Jack M. Germain 2011-11-22 08:22:44
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A new wave of really cool devices will soon do more than simply integrate your mobile gadgets with your automobile. Pairing your smartphone with your car's sound system and on-board navigation platform is already old hat. Car makers are now looking at how to expand that concept to enhance the notion of your car being treated as one big mobile device. Choosing the operating platform for this new level of connected car functionality will be no easy task for OEMs.

My car, please!
Posted by: Runaway1956 2011-11-22 08:27:29 In reply to: Jack M. Germain
I want my car to be a car. I don't like automatic transmissions, power steering, power brakes, power windows - none of that. I want to light a fire under the hood, and connect that fire directly to the transmission, hooked directly to the drive wheels. Simple steering suits me fine. And, simple hydraulic braking on small vehicles, air brakes on my large cars.

I DO NOT WANT a computer to make any decisions for me, thank you very much. People who need computers to drive for them, should just stay at home, or leave the driving to Greyhound.

With those feelings and opinions out there, it's comforting to know that the automobiles coming at me aren't relying on Windows to operate them!
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