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Re: All Eyes on HTML5 as Mobile Flash Fades to Black
Posted by: Katherine Noyes 2011-11-22 01:25:59
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If ever there was an announcement to get tongues wagging in the Linux blogosphere and beyond, it was the news that Adobe will stop developing Flash for mobile devices. That, of course, is just what was announced last week, and the wagging hasn't stopped ever since. Dubbed "Story of the Week" on the Financial Times Tech Hub blog, the topic has been the focus of conversation on forums far and wide, not to mention the dominant topic of discussion in the Linux blogosphere's own Mealy Apple cafe.

Please support Flash
Posted by: hairyfeet 2011-11-25 05:51:40 In reply to: Katherine Noyes
I know many here are developers and FLOSS guys HATE flash but hear me out, what you are getting with HTML V5 is WORSE in every way!

With Adobe you are allowed to distribute in ANY distro, they also say nothing about Gnash attempting to create a free version. With MPEG-LA they have ALREADY shut down Firefox from distributing H.264 decoders in their browser and have made it clear THEY WILL SUE if you don't cut them a check.

With flash you can run SD video on a 1.8GHz Celeron even without hardware acceleration, and with acceleration you can even watch HD video. With HTML V5 the CPU usage JUMPS and I've found in my own tests anything lower than a Pentium 3.06GHz with HT and you are looking at a slideshow, it also sucks more RAM and that translates to worse battery life. I can fire up a flash video even on a first gen EEE with a Celeron 900 and Xandros Linux and it'll play fine., can't do that with HTML V5.

So please developers, refuse to go with HTML V5. demand that you will ONLY take HTML V5 if it uses a truly free codec like Theora or WebM, because what we are getting now is the worst of all worlds. more resources, worse battery life, worse support, and a walled garden that will cut out Linux unless your distro is willing to cut a check. its not a good tech folks. i'm all for replacing flash but with a BETTER solution, not a worse one. And lets be honest folks the ONLY reason this is being pushed is Steve's iShiny. If the iShiny supported flash we wouldn't even be having this discussion!
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