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Re: The Joy of Linux Myth Debunking
Posted by: Katherine Noyes 2009-08-25 00:38:03
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Debunking long-held myths is always a gratifying exercise, but never is that more true than when said myths have done our favorite operating system harm. It was with great glee, then, that Linux Girl came across not one but two myth-debunking conversations on the blogs in recent days. A recent report from the Linux Foundation, for example, showed conclusively once and for all that the image of kernel hackers as basement-dwelling nerds who still live with their parents is just plain false.

To Mr. Pogson
Posted by: hairyfeet 2009-08-25 03:16:33 In reply to: Katherine Noyes
I find it funny in an article about debunking myths you have to be "that guy". We have ALL run into "that guy" especially if you are new to Linux and make a mistake, as "that guy" will berate you with his "LOL Windblowz" speak and generally act like a total tool. And yes, Mr. Pogson, using that lamer "LOL Windblowz" speak makes you just as much of a tool as the "Lunix nerdz go back to the basement" guy and the "Apple is for teh gays!" guy.

I think we are all old enough here to have serious discussions about the merits/ downsides of various Operating Systems without having to devolve to acting like "that guy" don't you. If you do not desire to write Microsoft you can write MSFT, or Msoft, but dropping into the LOL Windblowz speak just makes you sound like another foaming at the mouth zealot, which on an article about debunking myths is kinda ironic that you would post a classic "FLOSS Zealot" rant.
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