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Re: 1 Million Linux Kernels Booted for Vast Botnet Simulation
Posted by: Mike Pearson 2009-07-31 07:07:42
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Researchers at Sandia National Laboratories have laid the groundwork for an unprecedented simulation of a large-scale botnet after booting up 1 million Linux kernels as virtual machines. They now are waiting for completion of a new, faster and more capable supercomputer at the Livermore, Calif., lab, on which they hope to run 10 million kernels in a simulation of the open Internet -- complete with Web and mail servers, as well as simulated users clicking on simulated emails, getting simulated infections, and joining a simulated botnet.

This is stupid
Posted by: hairyfeet 2009-08-03 00:36:18 In reply to: Mike Pearson
Why on this green earth would you create a botnet in Wine? What are they, nuts? They spent all this money on "supertux" or whatever they call it, and they couldn't shell out $1000 for an MSDN license that would let them run all the Windows VMs they would want, and thus get real botnet data?

Talk about penny wise and pound foolish. This has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard of!

already making excuses.
Posted by: skepticaljohn 2009-08-01 12:48:38 In reply to: Mike Pearson
"...looking through 1 million lines on a text log .."

of course, they never heard of grep/egrep/fgrep

yeah, right
Posted by: skepticaljohn 2009-08-01 12:31:10 In reply to: Mike Pearson
I will be waiting for actual results, but I won't hold my breath. Certain folks at a large DOE lab in ABQ are famous for making grandiose boastings about some great research goal, but it never gets done. They just cannot get the underlying h/w and s/w infrastructure to run long enough to produce anything. show me different.

Running on Linux?
Posted by: Runaway1956 2009-07-31 07:18:12 In reply to: Mike Pearson
Article is somewhat misleading, in that it implies the botnet is "running on Linux". In fact, the botnet is running in a WINDOWS ENVIRONMENT, via Wine. "The Dell Thunderbird supercomputer, named MegaTux, has 4,480 Intel microprocessors running Linux virtual machines with Wine, making it possible to run 1 million copies of a Windows environment without paying licensing fees to Microsoft." http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/28/science/28comp.html?_r=1 Hackers would be hard pressed to create a million machine botnet composed of Linux machines. Doing the same thing in Windows environments is far more trivial.
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