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Re: Smartbooks: Embracing Linux With Open ARMs
Posted by: Katherine Noyes 2009-06-18 21:49:52
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Asus notwithstanding, netbooks have received a great deal of attention in the Linux community for their role in gaining wider acceptance for our favorite operating system.
So, when Freescale and Qualcomm recently debuted a line of what they call "smartbooks" at Computex -- prominently featuring ARM processors and priced as low as $199 -- the blogosphere had no choice but to sit up and take notice. "Good opportunity here," wrote jginspace. "I looked at the pictures in the article and was crestfallen," countered fnj.

Smartbooks for life
Posted by: d_hollins 2009-08-01 07:55:41 In reply to: Katherine Noyes
seems like a lot of hype over a device but we'll see. i noticed that you've compiled a large amount of quotes here and i'm getting the impression everyone is excited regardless of their opinion in terms of how the device will be used.

thought i would make your life easier and your readers because i've come across a news site dedicated to the smartbook. so here it is use if you want it:

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