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Re: Jooce: Subtly Seeking a Billion Customers
Posted by: Jennifer L. Schenker 2008-03-31 04:22:24
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It's a conundrum that the best and brightest of the tech industry haven't yet solved: how to get computers to the "next billion" customers in developing countries. The highest-profile effort to date, One Laptop Per Child, has run into a series of setbacks. Spearheaded by digital guru Nicholas Negroponte, the U.N.-supported program envisions equipping millions of children in Africa, Asia and Latin America with innovative $100 laptops. But demand for the devices has been lower than expected, in part because they still cost nearly twice their intended price.

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Posted by: R H 2008-03-31 05:07:10 In reply to: Jennifer L. Schenker
I think this concept is the future of WebOS and such services will replace the traditional offline operating systems and applications such as Windows. Check out also (The Global Hosted Operating SysTem) at its a more mature and true Web OS that integrates with leading web applications.
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